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We care about our next Generation

LoveJoy Services

Parenting Talk

Duration: 1.5 hr

Capacity: 50-80 people

Content: Parenting issues in this contemporary world/ Raising children to their full potential/ other topics as discussed with our speakers. 

Speaker: Registered social worker/ Qualified music therapist/ Educator/ Parenting Book Author 

Interactive Parent Group

Duration: 1.5 hr/session (6 sessions per group)

Capacity: 5-8 participants

Content: Parenting skills cultivation and mutual support 

Music Therapy group

Duration: 45-60 minutes (depending on age of participants)

Targets: Children having SEN and their parents

Capacity: 4-5 pairs 

Music Therapy Service (Individual)

Duration: 30-45 minutes per session 

Targets: people having special needs 

Social Work Consultation Service

To be booked in advanced. 

Content: Individual consultation on parenting issues, children's emotion concern, referrals for community services, etc. 


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