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Music and Arts Rock!

An innovative Empowerment Program 

Music without boundaries generates all possible connections and allows more appreciation in performing arts for general public.  Music help enrich mind and soul, escalate one's quality of life, as well as provide individuals with a platform to connect with the community. 

We promote the equal accessibility of music and art activities to the under-privileged people and facilitate them to express themselves freely through music and art. We believe everyone got his or her potential, while through the expression in different art modalities, the beauty and power within human beings can be uncovered. In this post-contemporary era, performing arts speak for freedom, equality, love and hope.


Through the music and arts empowerment program, LoveJoy Express wishes to build a platform in the local community for people who concern about the equal value of every human being, to put talents and creative ideas together making our community a better living one. 

Our Art Director 
WhatsApp Image 2019-05-22 at 9.21.23 AM.

Ms. Lo Wing-yan, Diane

Registered Music Therapist 
(via AMTA: Australia Music Therapy Association)

Master of Music Therapy 
at University of Melbourne, Australia

Master of Arts in Music (Merit) 
at Hong Kong Baptist University

Associate Performer's Diploma in Pianoforte (ATCL) 
at Trinity College London

Rock & Pop Vocal Grade 8 
at Trinity College London

Certified African Drum (Djembe) Trainer 

Certified Early Childhood Music Education (CECME) Trainer

at Vienna Examination Board.

We believe everyone has potential.

We value families. 

We empower the underprivileged group. 

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